How To Get Luckier

I hear a lot of people say that successful people got lucky. I think everyone needs a bit of a luck on their side to accomplish something great no matter how worthy they are of their success. So in a way, I don’t disagree with those who believe it was luck. Except that, many people believe that it was only luck, which of course I completely disagree with.

Luck is a game of chance. Getting lucky is having favorable conditions on your side. However, I think there’s a simple way to increase your chances of getting luckier.

Since luck becomes favorable out of randomness, if you worked everyday to improve your business or yourself, the randomness will eventually be in your favor. Since you’re missing no chance of trying to be lucky, the luck will eventually find you.

I can look back at hundreds of good things that happened to me, where I got extremely lucky, but only because I was trying.

And so if you want to be more lucky, you have to stay consistent and work everyday.