Leaving Your Own Business

There was an occasion when I had to move on and leave a large amount of money behind. I had to leave a business that I co-founded. I can’t say it makes me happy about it. But I will say staying back would have made me unhappier.

It’s a challenge where you choose an option that makes you as little unhappy as possible. And certainly, it isn’t an easy challenge. But I believe with all my head and heart, despite feeling otherwise sometimes, that moving on was the right decision.

I made my decision with the following in my mind

“If you can’t see yourself working with someone for life, don’t work with them for a day.”

Naval Ravikant

Yesterday, I spoke to another founder who made a similar decision a few years ago. He left 7-figures on the table to move on for personal happiness. In the end life is a pursuit of happiness. Money is nice, but it’s not always the answer, especially after you have enough of it.

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