The Strange Money Rule For The Wealthy

As strange as it may sound, the rich can buy the same things as others at a discount. Not just that, the rich can buy certain things at no cost at all. There are many examples to showcase this, but one example would be parking your money in a bank in a country of your choice to get citizenship. Just for placing your money in a country and financial institution of your choice, with no cost to you.

Similarly you could be flying businesses class upgrades for free or have access to business lounge access at various airports, just for having certain amount of wealth. While those who do not qualify for this threshold are asked to pay instead.

The weird thing about this is that rich are able to afford much of what they are given for free while the poor can not afford much of what they are asked to pay for. But the reason this happens is because money is a tool that is used to make more money. When you park your funds with a financial institution, they can use that to generate money for themselves and pass on a fraction of that to you in terms of certain benefits.

This is just a tiny example of what the wealthy get for their money. The real reason why I wanted to outline this today is because the wealthy generally never spend their principal. They always use money as a tool to generate more money for them which they can use for all of their expenses. They don’t use time as a tool to make money like most other people do. They use money as a tool.

Sure, you will need to trade time to make money if you’re just starting off. But if you want your end-game to look like the one outlined here, you should be making every effort to save that money to use as a tool.

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