If You Don’t Have a Mentor, You’re Missing Out Big Time!

Shagirdi bohat zaroori hai.

I have spent a lot of time on the internet experimenting hundreds of different ideas and trying to convert them into businesses. During the process, I’ve met and known many people from each one of those areas of experiment. Most experiments didn’t last more than a few days. Some lasted a few weeks and a few in the end became businesses.

I’ve been lucky to have found many mentors in many of those areas and I wanted to thank them publicly as it is because of them I was able to achieve many of my goals. I think chronologically it would be my father who introduced me to tech. Followed by Zeeshan Shafquat, who I believe is one of the greatest internet marketers in this country. Aamir Atta who helped me make my business profitable for the first time and gave me the vision to see through. Ehtisham Khan who introduced me to Viral Marketing and opened endless opportunities. And Saad Bassi who showed me the power of scaling and helped me reach where I stand today. I recommend each one of you to follow these people and learn from them. I also recommend you to look around and find mentors among your peers.

I also feel mentorship is the second best way to learn, after experience. Traditional education, while important, comes way down in the list.

One of the major downsides of Pakistan is lack of mentorship and knowledge-sharing. The very best don’t come out in the limelight making space for fake influencers.

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