An Accidental Marketer

When I look back today, it is nothing short of a miracle that I ended up becoming an internet marketer. The way these events unfolded almost feels like it was written in the stone. It was 2002, I had only just become a teen and was browsing on a dial up internet in Islamabad, Pakistan.

It was a privilege to have internet in Pakistan back then. In fact I think it was a privilege to have a computer at all. I don’t think we could afford it either. Not easily at least. It’s just that my father was really passionate about technology. So much that he decided to spend a big chunk of his savings to buy a computer.

I was trying to download a piece of software that would tell me in real-time the download and upload speed of my internet. As soon as I clicked on the hyperlink, I got a message notifying me that the site had run out of bandwidth. A message by Brinkster, a web hosting company. Except that I didn’t know what the bandwidth meant or what the web hosting means or what the heck was Brinkster. It certainly was not the name of the software I was trying to download.

On the page I saw a sign up button. I thought may be I need to sign up here in order to get the software. A few minutes later, I had signed up for brinkster’s web hosting service giving me a whopping 30 MBs of free hosting space but I still didn’t have my software, and I still had no clue what I signed up for.

Feeling confused, I called my father and made him look into whatever I was doing. After researching on it for a couple of hours, he explained to me what a web hosting means, what I signed up for and what can I do with it now. In the next couple of days, I built my first home page and hosted it on Brinkster. It is how I took my first step towards what I was going to be doing for the next decade and a half.

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