Facebook’s Super Lookalike Audiences Using Top Percentile

Super lookalikes isn’t officially a type of audience by Facebook. It’s just a term used by performance marketers to describe lookalikes made using top percentiles of the audience.

This kind of custom and lookalike audience is generally not publicly made available by Facebook but it’s kind of a hidden gem. If you don’t know about lookalike audiences, please check this out. And if you do, read ahead.

This is where you generally create or find your custom and lookalike audiences

But super lookalike audiences are created here.

Using the percentile option under activity in analytics section

You can create a filter to reflect the top percentile of your readers or buyers and save as custom audience

You can then use this custom audience to create lookalikes using the standard way. I call these super lookalikes.

Because results for super lookalikes speak for themselves.