The Stupid Simple Scaling Strategy For Your Business

What can you 10x? What can you not? Always ask this question whenever you’re trying to do a ton of different things in your business, which by the way you should all the time.

For Facebook ads strategy, my phase 1 is always trying 10 different ad-sets targeting different interests each with multiple ads inside each ad-set.

The phase 2 is simply finding what you can 10x and what you can’t. You trim the fat, you drop the ones that didn’t work, and double-down on the ones that did. The same dead simple concept should be used in all businesses.

I spoke to a friend who helps businesses initiate email marketing automation, improve delivery rates, create email sequences that work and more. Over the years he grew his customer base to over 1000 businesses but still struggled with making the profit the way he intended. Until he asked himself the 10x question.

He simply looked into his customer-base and identified that bloggers aren’t working at all for him. They simply are churn and burn for his business. All the customer acquisition till date for acquiring bloggers has been a waste of time and money. He also looked into his highest ROI generating subscribers which turned out to be Shopify stores. He cut his spending by 100% on blogger acquisition and doubled down on Shopify stores. A few months later, he found himself making the profit the way he intended.

While it sure is dead simple and almost stupid to highlight the obvious rule, many people actually struggle with identifying the parts that can be 10x’d. It gets easier to spot those when you ask the 10x question more often. In my friends case, he had to manually dig deep into his customer-base to get the information on what type of customers worked for him and what didn’t. He did that because he asked himself that question. He also realized that he should be collecting this information about his customers as part of the on-boarding process so he can fingerprint his customers better.

As a general rule always try a ton of different things in your business, trim the fat, and double down on the rest.