On my twitter feed, someone’s trying to raise $3000 so that he can pay for his mother’s cancer treatment.

On my Whatsapp, someone’s looking for financial assistance because he only made $3000 an year and is out of work now.

In Canada, they are paying $3000 each month as financial assistance to those who lost their job due to COVID-19.

80% of the world population would be incredibly happy if only they could make $3000 a month for their family.

Someone somewhere is just shy of making $3000 each day. Because he’s not quite there yet, it’s stirring bit of anxiety in him. He has bartered a big part of everything good about him to be there. Yet, he’s just a little short. He probably needs to trade more of himself. Because he wants it bad enough, he’ll get there. Will it be worth it in the end? That’s for him to decide.