Test, Trash, Test

During the last week, I’ve tried (and trashed) a fitness brand, a home improvement company, a lingerie store, an arts and crafts company and a hair product company. What do you need to launch a new brand? A logo, a story and a line of products.

A brand launch even if you private label your products, does not cost more than $1000-$5000 in most cases. Without private labelling, it costs under $50.

You get your free Shopify trial for each new store which by the way they are extending to 90 days right now. You’d need to buy a domain which can cost anywhere between $2 to $9. You have many many options for free logos including hatchful or logojoy. Information or copywriting of your products and their photoshoot is generally free. You can get it from AliExpress/AliBaba. All of this is enough to get started. The keyword here is that it’s enough to “get started”. Of course once it works out for you, you can give it the attention it deserves.

If your product doesn’t work out, you trash the brand. You come up with a new one. It’s simple and it’s effective. You could create any kind of business using this model. You could make restaurants the same way. My co-founder did that with a biryani start up. All you need is a menu, logo/branding and a story. If it doesn’t work out, come up with new menu and new cuisines. You keep trashing the brands until it works out for you.

If you don’t test, trash, test, your competition will be done making their first ten million dollars by the time you’ve finished finalizing your brand’s concept.

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