My Chromecast Goes Everywhere With Me

I don’t have a smart TV at home. I don’t think that paying extra for smart TV is a better solution than buying streaming devices such as Chromecast or Fire Stick. There are many reasons why I think that, but here are my four favorite reasons.

I take my my streaming device everywhere with me. I shamelessly plug it in all my hotel rooms and all my Airbnbs so my smart TV also moves with me regardless of what the hotel or the apartment offers.

I don’t want to deal with firmwares of TVs and be at their mercy for updates, app supports, and to determine what I can or can not do with my TV.

Despite these two additional advantages, streaming devices actually cost lesser money than the difference between smart and regular version of the same TV model.

Lastly, many people don’t know this but Chromecast shows significantly lesser ads on Youtube than any of it’s counterparts. It’s the extra juice you get for staying loyal to both the service and the product.

Do you prefer smart TVs or streaming devices? What is your favorite streaming device and why?

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