Retargeting Campaigns – What I Do With Them

I had a really busy day today. We successfully launched phase 1 of scaling for our new store. I also started retargeting campaigns today. For those who don’t know, retargeting is simply reaching back to the potential customers who showed some sort of intent to purchase your products.

Generally, I like to run 5-6 types of retargeting ad-sets including retargeting those who visited the product page, added the product to cart, initiated check-out, watched at least 75% of our video ad, and top 25% of the users by time-spent.

Recovering abandoned carts, and potential customers with intent is incredibly important. You’ve often spent 90% of your budget already to capture their intent, you just need spend 10% more to capture the sale.

I prefer running retargeting ads with photo creatives. Although I run almost all other ads with video creatives. Since the retargeting user group have already seen video ads, they just need to be reminded again about a product with a photo. This has provably worked for me and I’ve had tons of data to support this argument.

Happy retargeting!