Circumventing The Visa Restrictions of the Internet

Yesterday I wrote a bit about the limitations of trying to run an internet business from the under-developed and developing countries. The global online services treat different people differently based on their country of residence. Hence running an online business from Pakistan is clearly far more difficult.

But you can always circumvent the limitations and find ways to get the many benefits that the developed world offers.

Although, you’re restricted from using certain features based on the country of your residence, your company could be based anywhere in the world. And as long as your company is based in US for example, you’ll be treated like a US entity and you’d have similar features available to you as to anyone in US. I’ve only used US as an example here, your business could be registered anywhere in the world. It can be in UK or Singapore or Estonia.

You can have a virtual address & a virtual phone number anywhere in the world. You can have a virtual bank account using services like Payoneer, TransferWise & others. You could also register your company anywhere in the world right from the internet without ever leaving your country.

I’m not kidding but you can create your company, phone, address, bank etc all under $100.

Some businesses and services require that in order to unlock all features, you need to be physically present inside a particular country such as US or UK. This can be solved too. While most people would think VPN here, a better, safer alternate is to rent a server in the country of your choice and use it with remote access.

In the end, it’s still going to be more difficult than physically being in a better geo-location, but I just want you to know that all of this is possible even if you live in a village of Pakistan and have no money to start your business with.

So, what’s your excuse again?