Why Patent Office Is The Favorite Hangout Spot For Many Of My Friends

Many of my friends keep a sharp eye at the patent office. No, they aren’t coming up with genius design ideas that needed to be patented. They are also not patent trolls that are registering patents left and right only to troll inventors and extort money out of them. Then why do they hang around in the patent database so much? I’ll explain.

One of my friends who is a tech reporter uses patent office in order to find out the upcoming releases by the tech companies. It is obvious that if Apple is working on an upcoming feature, they will patent that first before it goes into production. This way, my friend is often able to get some super early scoops.

Another friend of mine who is an internet marketer uses patent database to get a better understanding of “policies” instead of simply reading the policy page of whatever services that he use. The policy page is almost always a guideline and you can not understand with full clarity what you can and can’t do. For example, if you’re trying to understand what ads you can and can’t run on Facebook, a policy page could be a good place to start from. But if you like to play on the line, Facebook ad patents could get you a better idea of the inner workings of the platform.

These are obviously seriously advanced use cases but a great resource for people who rely on tricks and hacks to game the system. Whether one should game the system or not, I’ll write more on this tomorrow.

Achieving Gender Equality In Tech

It is often statistically reported that women are paid lesser than men in most lines of work. In tech, specifically, it is said that women are paid 5-40% lesser than their male counterparts.

Another striking statistic that is often highlighted is that women make up only about 25% of the tech workers. This particular statistic doesn’t bother me because in comparison, healthcare industry employees 77% women. One gender could be more inclined towards working in a particular industry than the other and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that.

Coming back to salaries, Fiverr, a freelance platform reported that on their platform women at average earn $96 against their male counterparts who earn $100. This represents a 4% difference and is by far one of the best reported figures I’ve read regarding the gender equality.

I’ve often written on this blog that freelancing, remote jobs or distributed companies have many advantages. I’ve often highlighted the location and time independence as the most major advantages. You could be anywhere at any time living the millionaire lifestyle.

But the data published by Fiverr has given me new reasons to celebrate the digital nomad lifestyle. You could be a man or a women. You could be a Muslim or Jew. You could be in Syria or Romania. You’ll get the equal opportunities and wages as everyone else on the platform.

Distributed companies, remote employment and freelancing is the answer to gender inequality. Not just gender inequality, it is also the answer to racial inequality or any other kind of inequality. Obviously in addition to granting you freedom and wealth.