Scaling Digital Businesses is Piece of Cake

Yesterday, I sat down with my friend whom I’ve learnt a great deal from, Zeeshan aka ZSM. He runs a restaurant in the heart of Islamabad called Khyber Dodai.

A few weeks ago they shot an ad for one of their food items and it just took everyone by the storm. The result in the following weeks, they started to get a lot of business.

But they didn’t have the space to host all the customers that showed up. What Zeeshan said to me afterwards, I found very assuming and true. He said this isn’t like your cloud. We can’t instantly scale to accommodate more people. This isn’t like your dropshipping either. We can’t sell what we don’t have, and have a vendor take care of shipping, handling and fulfillment on your behalf. This is different and it has its limitations.

I found his comparisons very interesting and so I want to reiterate to all of you the power that digital businesses hold. It’s the ability to sell what you like to 3 billion+ potential customers.