Gearing Up For Q4

It was Eid-ul-Fitr yesterday. We all got together at my parents’ place. My brother came from another town to celebrate Eid with us. We spoke about a lot of things but mainly spoke of e-commerce & the pandemic.

I have never been more bullish on e-commerce than I’m right now. Once the pandemic is over, which I hope happens soon, some of this forced adoption for e-commerce will stick. Which means that e-commerce will be bigger than what it was pre-pandemic.

As we all got together for Eid despite the pandemic, I was reminded that during these tough times we all need each other even more than before. That people would want to spend these times with their families even more than they have wanted to do before because of all the social distancing and isolation we’re all going through.

I believe that 4th quarter, which is always the largest quarter for shopping and pretty much all businesses, will be as large as it has been before despite the pandemic. I believe people would want to cherish their time even more so than they did the previous year. I believe that 2020’s Q4 shopping season will be even bigger than what we’ve seen before. Or may be I’m just an optimist. Although, I assure you it’s better to be an optimist during these crazy times that have surrounded us.

As an e-commerce business owner, I’m gearing up for Q4. I suggest that you do the same.