Scaling In Non Mainstream Geos

The past few days I have been working on a highly competitive product that I know hundreds of sellers are working on. There’s demand for it, but the product has lower sale price of $20 and is competitive to sell with paid media.

After analyzing competition and discussing strategy with Saad, I decided to sell the product in non-mainstream geolocations primarily targeting middle-east. This allowed us to generate sales at cheaper CPA than US/UK/CA/AU/NZ/EU and we were able to scale freely in untapped markets.

The CPA for “other geolocations” can be seen $2 lower than US and $6 lower than UK/CA/AU/NZ /EU

Sales from Middle-East, Asia, Africa & South America costed us 25% less and also accounted for 48% of total sale volume with US only accounting 17%.

Our average order value was 40% higher in Qatar and UAE in comparison with average of all other geolocations. 8% of our sales came from Mexico. We also received substantial volume from Chile, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, Oman, Bahrain and Caribbean states.

Our seed data was built using Singapore and Hong Kong which I think have high conversion rates and purchasing power. The seed data was then used to create custom audiences and lookalikes to scale in all other locations.

Over-all I’m really excited by the new avenues this unlocks because a few years ago, I couldn’t have imagined this. Selling in these geo-locations is one thing, but scaling there is a different ball game.