The Tall Poppy Syndrome

On the surface it seems that the world want to appreciate the high achievers. Ironically though, as the high achievers start to stand out, they are mocked and down-played for only one reason: for being a high achiever. This is what is referred as the tall poppy syndrome.

All poppies should grow together, and the tall poppies should be cut to size. While this might work okay for poppies, we’re not supposed to be cutting humans like that. Unfortunately, the syndrome runs so deep that many high achievers often feel the same way about other high achievers. This is a toxic culture, and to abolish it we need to acknowledge it.

I have been both victim of and guilty of the tall poppy syndrome but continue to learn to deal with it in both cases.

If you’re guilty of doing it, I encourage you to learn to deal with your emotions of jealousy and envy because it’s neither helping you, nor your victicm.

If you’re victim of it, don’t let other people’s insecurities destroy your own self-esteem and growth.

Humans aren’t poppies, and we should be proud albeit humble of growing tall.