I was complaining to my friend Usama today about the paid growth and the disappointments that I have with Facebook right now. First the competition has gotten so fierce that ad rates take up the lion’s share of the revenue. Secondly, with pandemic looming over us, they are doing lesser manual reviews and relying more on AI. The AI isn’t working so well in my favor right now.

My ad account has been deactivated 3 times in the past 48 hours. It takes 24 hours for them to reinstate and it goes away again much sooner than that. It’s disappointing. Furthermore, I told my friend that the margins are as little as 15% and I miss the good old times of the organic growth where we took home majority of the gross revenue.

The good thing about my conversation with him isn’t that I was able to vent out. It is that that he reminded me of how privileged am I. Most people’s lives have gone to complete stand-still. There are 10s of millions of people unemployed. There are probably going to be 100s of millions when the pandemic runs its course.

So I’m thankful to be able to work. I’m thankful to be in quarantine with my family and I want to take this opportunity to extend my support to anyone who needs it. If I can be of help to you, please feel free to get in touch.