Shocking Facebook A/B Test Results Due to Page Name

I just concluded an A/B test that I ran simply out of curiosity. I first created a total of 10 campaigns targeting different things and having different creatives. I then created identical copies of these 10 campaigns.

In summary, I had 20 CBO campaigns divided into group A and group B. I created 2 brand new Facebook pages; one for group A and the second one for group B. The only difference between group A and group B was that the page names from which the ads ran were different. The adsets, targeting, creatives and everything else was 100% identical. On these 2 different pages I even uploaded identical display pictures and content.

The results came out to be very shocking for me. I use the word shocking because the price per result wasn’t slightly higher on one page than the other. It was more than 100% higher which means if CPA was $10 on 1 page, it was $25 on the other page.

The takeaway is that Facebook page name has a massive role in your over-all ad performance and cost per result.

One Psychological Trick That Boosted Our Revenues by 38%

One of our content websites was a gallery website featuring images as “top 10 this” and “top 20 that”. It was an interesting website because bounce rates were super low ( below 20%) due to pagination in galleries and average page-views per user were over 8.

But we were always looking for ways to increase the page-views even higher. This was a website where quantity mattered more as the site had little text and the ad-rates were generally lower, so our focus was on increasing the page-views.

Website layout showing a gallery image 1 of 23

We ran A/B tests and decided to change the pagination heading from “1 of 23” to “1 of 24” adding an increment of 1 to the actual size of galleries. The idea was to trick the user into thinking there is one more photo in the gallery. But on clicking next, the user would end up on the next gallery eventually creating an infinite gallery loop for the user.

The following day, we saw 38% increase in our revenue and our PV/user went from 8 to 12. It’s not an example that I’m very proud of, but it showcases the power of A/B testing and psychological changes you can make to exponentially boost your revenues.