My Friend Showed Me An Obvious Opportunity Hidden In Plain Sight

Zeeshan introduced me to Sajawal about an year ago. I think Sajawal has a bright chance that he’ll make it. Not because he’s the smartest guy I know. But because he’s a curious guy. In the past year, no one’s asked me as many questions as him.

Sajawal sent this chart to me yesterday and it’s unsurprising.

The sales for books have increased by up to 300% as everyone’s stuck at home. People have been selling face masks and sanitizers left and right but I won’t touch that. We started a store selling home fitness equipment as people continue to try to stay fit during the lockdown but I didn’t think of an obvious behavioral change and that is people are reading more books as they are stuck at homes.

Selling books right now is not only interesting because there’s demand for them but also because they can be shipped digitally.

Starting today, I will be exploring this area to find something worthy of selling.

Happy selling.

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