Travelling, Rediscovery, Places & People

I try to travel at least once every year to reset and rediscover. Sometimes I travel more. Sometimes I travel to new places. And sometimes I travel to the places I’ve been before.

There are places that I genuinely like to go back to. I appreciate them when I visit them again. Although, I appreciate them a bit lesser than I did the previous time. But I still like them enough. It is why I go back, of course.

Nevertheless, for places, first time is the charm for me. Every repeat visit, I still love them, but slightly lesser than before. So in a way, I think humans have the tendency to want to go to new places. It keeps the excitement alive and one can continue to witness things that are beautiful in unique ways. This is how I feel about places. The gratification from places is temporary, it is why it reduces on each repeat visit.

For people, it doesn’t work in the same way, at least for me. For example, every repeat meeting with my parents, or my daughter, or my wife, or my friends isn’t lesser gratifying than the previous one. Each repeat meeting can make our relation warmer than before. Each new day spent with them, can build on the last one, and be more rewarding for my happiness.

The problem is that people are location-dependent. To be with your people more, you have to be at one place more. And to be at new places, you have to be further away from your people.

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