What to Work On?

A few days ago, I wrote a bit about doing the right thing. The emphasis was that you shouldn’t just do things right, you should also do the right thing. It’s certainly important to do your work well, but it’s even more important to work on what’s more worthy of your time. That was a financial advice so you can identify the work that’s going to pay you off better in the long run. And I’d follow this advice if I’m looking for financial rewards.

But not always are we just looking for financial rewards. Sometimes we need gratification of other kinds. Like emotional gratification. And since the eventual goal is actually to seek happiness, sometimes this is even more important than simply achieving financial gratification.

As of lately, I only work on things that I like to work on and I never work on things that I don’t like to work on. I do this regardless of the financial rewards associated with either of the options. At some point in your life, you’re going to want to make that decision too. But when you do so, make sure your basics are covered.

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