Staying Consistent Even When You’re Low

I started this blog to develop work ethic. To be able to stay consistent despite how I feel. Today is one of those days when I felt indifferent. In fact, last week was that kind of week. I didn’t want to write and I didn’t want to work and if it was 2019, I simply wouldn’t have worked.

The problem with giving in to these feelings is that you go further deep into these feelings. And not working for a day or two, or a week is not problematic. Going further deep into these feelings is problematic and it drags that week into a month, and month into an year.

Because I’ve to write here once a day everyday, even at my low I’m working and writing and that’s the kind of push I needed to give to myself.

I recommend that you introduce certain challenges in your own lives. So when you’re low like me, you can make an attempt to turn things around.

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