Mudding of Pixel Data

I saw strange metrics on my Facebook ad account today. The ‘add to carts’ in pixel were twice as much as the ‘add to carts’ tracked by Shopify and Google Analytics.

This had me concerned because I thought something is wrong with my landing page. My first intuition was half of the users are somehow trying to add to cart, the pixel is getting fired, but they are unable to open the cart page in a proper manner.

On further digging in, store, landing page and cart page seemed intact. The problem was that ‘add to cart’ event was getting fired twice; once on the click of a button, and once on the cart page which was being caused by a buggy app.

This was mudding our pixel data as we were reporting twice the amount of add to carts to Facebook than originally initiated.

When you take a long time off from work, it takes bit of silly mistakes like these to get back to work!

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