Chinese Are Eating The World

Everyone knows it. You may have already read other variants of this article. A different angle through a different lens. May be in terms of One Belt One Road initiative. But I’m only interested in how they are doing that in tech, and most specifically in the e-commerce industry.

When we first got into dropshipping, there were nearly no Chinese in the industry. They were mostly just suppliers of the goods. Dropshipping in essence began with AliExpress. Chinese would just host products there and fulfil on behalf of other dropshippers.

In the following year, Chinese learnt that they are being duped. For every $5 they get in gross sales, the dropshipper gets $20 in gross sales. The first change we saw happen was the prices went up at least 100% on AliExpress. They needed an equal share in the dropshipping business.

By following year, many new dropshipping stores popped up that have now become some of the largest in the world. Chinese didn’t just want to fulfil orders, they mastered the business end to end. From advertising and sales to fulfilment. They replaced most dropshippers.

A similar trend can be seen on Amazon FBA as well where most new and top sellers are based out of China.

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