Doing The Right Thing

2019 was a strange year for us as a company. We didn’t achieve much. We passed many opportunities and kept waiting to do the right thing. While it appears like an average year on the surface as far as what we achieved is concerned, I don’t really mind it.

Because at this point in career, where I stand today, doing the right thing makes way more sense than doing things right. What I mean by that is we’re assessing all opportunities for their long term impact. We are passing the ones that are promising but only in the short term and still trying to find the ones that will make the most sense in the longest term. We want to work on opportunities where long-term value assets are created instead of opportunities where quick money can be made.

For early stage entrepreneurs, I think it makes the most sense to do things right, no matter what kind. For mid-stage entrepreneurs like us, I think the quest for doing the right thing makes the most sense.

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